oh, by the way.

I'm producing a benefit.  You can see Beowulf vs. Grendel at it.
Here it is.
Please come.
It will be very good theater.  It's the kind of theater that makes me want to do theater. And I am DAMN picky about theater. Why do you think I never write about anything I go see on this blog? Because I usually have little that is nice to say, that's why.
Look, I even made the poster all by myself with a 1976 version of Photoshop. Click on it to make it big enough to be readable.

quelle nuit.
It's okay. I know I spelled that wrong. My French is awful, functional and entirely self-taught, so .. you know.
tal cosa.
Brandon's grandfather died tonight.
My friends, my cousins who have already suffered so deeply, suffered another loss.

I guess I'll pray that I can be of comfort.

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