what is this "forty-hour-week" of which you speak? This "paid vacation" and this "401(k)"?

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In the dream, I stunned friends and family alike by announcing my decision to go into the military.

My reasons were logical. Fed up with acting, I wanted stability, more money, and a retirement program. I wanted something safe and dependable. And I knew the military would take me.

No one believed I would do it, even as I had my grandparents drive me to the recruitment center to sign up then get immediately shipped out to boot camp. I promised them: I was absolutely serious. Acting wasn't worth it. I was ready for something easier.

Then, as the first person handed me the first clipboard to fill out the first form, I realized what utter morons were running the office, how much I would hate taking stupid orders from them, and realized what a horrible, stupid idea the whole thing was.

...Then I woke up and started thinking again about what job I could possibly find that will be give me stability, more money, and a retirement program.

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Jeremy said...

If there are slots in it, let me know. Not that I'm recommending slot machines, but the industry as a whole has been very, very stable. Knock wood.


You can ask Jamie about balancing being a working actor with making slot machines.