Why People Hate Actors

From an interview with Alec Baldwin, in which he states that he'll quit acting for television and film after he finishes 30 Rock:
“The goal of movie-making is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that.”
Maybe you never had that because that goal is some unbelievably egotistical sheeeeit.


Ian Belknap said...

Speaking as someone who has acted on and off for a long time, I feel that I've earned the right to hate actors, which in many cases I do. I think what AB's driving at here is the the realities of the BUSINESS of acting for film. And I can't dispute him, really.

If he's talking about his artistic experience, given that his turn in "Glengarry" is easily the among the most quoted roles of the past couple decades, I'd counsel him to shut the fuck up, however.

Lacy said...

Good call about the business goal of it. I really hadn't thought about that.

Also, on behalf of actors, we'd like to thank you for your intermittent hatred and participation.

Ian Belknap said...

Neglected to mention: I hate myself chiefly among actors.

(He lapses into smoldering.)

(While attempting in vain to remain "likable".)

(Which is a goal he has always failed to understand.)

(A failure which drove him ultimately out of the business.)


Roll credits.

William "Sandy" Smillie said...

I've tried coming up with something pithy but I'm just so appalled that I have to resort to this: Oh fuck you, Baldwin.

Also, my verification word for this post is whablest. Which is awesome.

td said...

Im gonna do a big ol piggey back on Belknap. He does say" *critical* or commercial success" and I don't think in reality those goals are very different from any of the rest of us peons. I either want to do something Im really really proud of or get a big muthafucking check for something. But... people do hate actors. We are just the worst kind of people really....