A bold attempt is half of success

My fortune-cookie fortune that keeps floating around my desk:
A bold attempt is half of success.

(followed by the Chinese word for 'gooseberry' and my Lucky Numbers)

You may remember how awfully I mangled this poor blog when I tried to upload a new template to make it look snazzy.  I have had better success my second time, this time even stabbing html a little, with my new site I bought and now run:

You can read all the news and about the next showings of my ridiculous [awesome] toy theater spectacle, Beowulf vs. Grendel.  (Next one is Monday, January 18!) The site still needs plenty of work, but at least it actually conveys information now.  Phew.

I've been feeling awash in the failures lately, and trying to take comfort in the "making a bold attempt" part.

I'm going to try to post more about the failures to take the sting out of them a little more. I think I used to do that, and it was part of the delight in this blog. It also made posting about success not feel so gloaty.

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