I [heart] my Badditude

Thanks for the hollas yesterday, big poppas.
I am feeling better, way better. Thanks.

Today at 5:30 I have a pilot audition to play the lead in a sitcom.    IN FRONT OF the actual producers, flying in from LA, no less.  This is Opportunity Gold.  This is the stuff.  Landing auditions for series leads in the room with network producers = success.

I've had these sides for over a week and I've looked at them twice.

A. the script is wretched, and
B. I'm auditioning to play a really fat woman.   A fat woman who makes fat jokes about herself.  Who connects with her romantic interest (also fat) by making fat jokes. NOT FUNNY fat jokes. Believe me, I loooong to share them with you, but that's a little too imprudent even for me.

So, there you go. Career milestone ... and I dream of going in with both hands flipping off the entire room for writing such a bad script and for casting a woman with a 100% healthy BMI (and believe me, I check obsessively) as GROTESQUELY OBESE.

AND: I just have to say this, the fact that I think the script is mind-blowingly horrible means that it's going to be one of the few that actually makes a full season next year.  Mark my words. 
I was equally as down on the show concept when I had two callbacks to be the cohost of American Idol (no shit) ten years ago or whatever. 

In a way though,
it feels kind of awesome not to care.

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