my justice system can put your justice system in the ground

I have some beef with China.  I won't go into it, but a lot of it is summed up in the first 2 paragraphs of this article:
Beijing gave its first public response to the whereabouts of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng on January 21, saying that he “is where he should be.”

The whereabouts of China's most famous human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, often called the “conscience of China,” has been the subject of intense inquiry since a Beijing police officer recently claimed that Gao “went missing” while in police custody last Sept.

Gross, China.  I'm not always proud of everything my country does, but seriously, that's gross.

I had jury duty yesterday, which some regard as an inconvenience.

(friend's comment on facebook:  Don't do it! Act crazy! I just did jury duty and it sucked. Jurors are idiots. Especially the overly educated ones! Good luck.)

Luckily, as an actor, I'm accustomed to spending entire days sitting around waiting on other people's whims, so I was well prepared.  I read the first half of a nice brainy book, sketched out the script for my next piece of theater I'm writing, and crocheted up a storm.

I was happy and proud BECAUSE IT'S MY CIVIC DUTY AND RIGHT, CHINA.  A good old American trial by jury of my peers. 

Also, I got paid $17.20 for my trouble!

And I got an hour and a half lunch break!   Where I got these great earrings for $3!

Suck on that, China!



Alex said...

"sketched out the script for my next piece of theater I'm writing"

With Barbies?

Jim Green said...

Love it! Damn near every issue in our culture involves us wanting what we want - justice and bling. Oh, and I think it was Robin Williams who pointed out that all them 'Free Tibet!' stickers is also made in China.

Lizzy said...

I always feel a sense of worth post jury duty. So did you get to serve up a big steamin' pile of justice?

andy said...

THIS is what I'm talking ABOUT! Also, I get excited about jury duty. But they never empanel me. They assume anyone who wants to serve must be crazy.