bloopers: when failure = success

I love bloopers.

That is an understatement.
I love bloopers soooooooooo much. 

I grew up watching old black-and-white movies.  (My parents didn't let us watch anything produced after the mid 1950s.)  So these are the stars I grew up watching ... AND HERE ARE THEIR BLOOOOOOPERS!!!!! 

Bette Davis Blooper Reel (who I always thought was kind of a stuck up bitch, but I do appreciate her pretty consistent mutter of "awwsonofabitch")

I keep trying to write something eloquent about art and it's all lame, so I'll just transcribe these big sloppy delighted thoughts I have:

OH MY GOSH! BETTE DAVIS!  My wig got stuck on a guy's costume once toooooooo! 
SPENCER TRACEY!   I say that when I forget lines TOOOO!!!!
RANDOM CHARACTER ACTOR FROM 1936!  I bet you are nervous having a scene with Humphrey Bogart and that's why you can't spit that damn line out! I know what that's like TOOOO!!!!

and combine it with this expression, if it could fit on my face:



Rudra said...

the RANDOM GUY is Edward G. Robinson!

Lacy said...

Rudra wins the puppy!!!