brunch ull poop it out

made belgian waffles from scratch using delicious recipe for husband.

not successful:
after dousing all sweet, golden, crispy waffles with syrup, a sheet of pistachio-colored mold also plops out of the bottle.

Yahoo Answers search for "I ate mold on accident. Will I get sick?"

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no ull poop it out
this was auspiciously NOT chosen as a good answer: 
Eating molded food is not healthy, but is not a severe threat either. Most bacteria and molds will not survive the acid in your stomach, and the disease-causing bacteria would have to compete with other bacteria that feasted on your meal.
Possible immediate effects are: an upset stomach within 24 hours, or diarrhea and cramps.
Nothing too serious! hope that answers your questions... Source: http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/

... again, most successful answer:

no ull poop it out

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