The CTA sign has been drinking

I ask you,
  • If you are hanging out with your friend,
  • If you have just gotten to the party and the party is ending but you just got there so you're still ready to hang out,
  • If your friend says, 'I gotta go, I'm headed to this Prince vs. Michael Jackson dance party,'
  • If this party is only 3 blocks away and ON THE WAY to the train, 

don't you HAVE to go?

I had to go.

I DIDN'T have to make that mistake of getting to the open-bar party late, then making up for lost time by drinking all the free liquor I could in 45 minutes.  In fact, I really know way better than that.   Prince-vs-Michael-Jackson dancing is a lot more fun when you are actually in control of your equilibrium, genius. 

Sigh.  Still fun.   Still successful. 

Good things about living in the city:
You can take the train home like this

and the other people on the train are not going to judge you.



週休 said...


Lacy said...

boy, you said it, buddy. 次總是最深刻的 out the wazzoo!!!

Alex said...

25 cent shots?