Don't get SAD

I think winter is getting me down.

I mean.
It can't possibly be the unemployment, the empty days, the identity crisis of learning a new skill, the weight I can't seem to shake for the life of me, the sinus infection or the lack of auditions so

Also, the weather does suck.  As my cousin Laura said: it's bleak.  It's just been bleak.
She insisted on the word bleak.  

Is winter getting you down?
Do not let it!  Do not. freaking. let it.  Being down sucks a lot.

Time to mobilize.

Watch this!
SO CUTE!!!!  Webcam of polar bears sunning themselves and frolicking at the San Diego Zoo!

Go to Google Images and do a search for: tahiti
The turquoise is good for you!

Assignment for tomorrow:

go to the store!
buy tropical fruits!  I know it's expensive and not entirely environmentally responsible.  Let me ask you a question.

Is the environment taking care of you right now?
I don't think it is!
I think the environment is being a serious bitch at the moment!
I think I can have a fucking banana in the middle of winter, environfuckingment.

Also, maybe my body would enjoy some vitamins that don't come from an Emergen-C packet. OKAY?

tomorrow: fruit salad.
Listen up, midwest:
I am NOT getting depressed by your interminable winter and resulting sedentary lifestyle
and I do not
being depressed, bitch.

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Claire said...

February is always when winter goes from being sort of unpleasant/charmingly chilly to just total unbearable sucksville. It's still cold, still grey and there's no effing snow even, for the sake of pretty.

The best thing, I think, is coffee shops and coffee in general, also hot tea and cocoa. Hot drinks. Also getting up earlier in the morning, maximize sunlight. Yes. Beat the SADness!