How to hurt my feelings

I invited two new friends to come to my house and have dinner and play games.
Neither even bothered to respond to the email.

I think it's fair to say:    that is personal.

not even worth responding to. [It's self indulgent to allow it, but] it [still] opens the door to some really awful feelings and memories.


DinaBear said...

I'll eat and play games with you. Sorry that happened. I know that feeling, and I'm giving you a big hug over the internet.

Corrbette said...

I hate this story. Because I love your place and that game and that food. You were absolutely delightful and I had a fantastic time.

So have me over again. And Dina. And those new people can kniw they missed out on severe awesomeness.

readerwriterbookseller said...

THEIR LOSS! i wish i could eat and play games with you right now. and then i wish i could punch those two assholes in their babymakers. nobody puts Lacy in a corner, goddamnit!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this happened to me when I reached out to my girlfriends after my years-long relationship was ending. Uh, thanks, guys. Glad to know I am simply here to entertain you...but I'm not bitter.

Screw them. I third the "Games and Dinner with Lacey Sounds Wonderful" sentiment.