unbelievably stupid thoughts I actually catch myself having:

Oh my gosh, everyone booked a pilot this season except for me.  How embarrassing.

oh Lacy.
you moron.

For the record, in the past week, in reverse order, I :
  • Set up 3 shoots for 2 projects for the coming week
  • Directed a Barrel of Monkeys show that went over FREAKING GANGBUSTERS
  • Had a power meeting with a friend who wants me to direct his show
  • Had a superexciting idea for my next project
  • Had a callback for a pilot
  • Was invited to create an environmental theater role for decent money with a company I love
  • Did a great show Monday night
  • Did a great show Sunday afternoon
  • Performed in a really real live rock concert as part of a staging of a Frank Zappa concept album
  • Performed a show I wrote, created, designed and built for a very appreciative audience
  • Was asked to write another piece to develop the first one into a full evening of theater
  • Was way too damn busy to blog. 

(slap) (slap)




Grendel ... is a little stressed out.

It's cool, Grendel.

Chill your shit out.  People will come to see you and THAT TOTALLY AMAZING PLAY YOU DO called Beowulf vs. Grendel at Hugen Hall at Strawdog Theater (3829 N. Broadway) on Friday, March 19 at 11pm.

Here's the thing. Last time we did the show, the place was paaaaaacked.  I fear we will not be able to replicate this success. It fills me with fear.  It does.         I mean.

It fills Grendel with fear.

Grendel has a lot on his plate right now.  He would tell you about it, but it sounds like whining.
Come see his show. Make him drink a beer. He will feel better.



family + politics =

oh, you know right where this is going.

I like my grandfather a lot.  My dad's dad.  Not the other one, the one who I love and miss every day and shaped my life in seventy bazillion ways.  
But this one I love and like a lot. He has a truly fascinating life story about growing up in Oklahoma too poor to own shoes, brainiacking his way through WWII and using the GI bill to become a mechanical engineer and work on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in the 50s.  Also, an award-winning bowler.

Also, I happen to be named after him.  He's Carl Lacy [last name] Senior, my dad is junior, and I narrowly avoided Carla Lacy (say it out loud if you don't understand why this is such a blessing) and ended up with Lacy.

He also emailed me this today:
Fwd: FWD: OMG!!!


The name of the book Obama is reading is called: 

The Post-American World,  and it was written by a fellow Muslim. 

  "Post"  America means the world After  America ! Please forward this picture to everyone you know, conservative or liberal. We must expose Obama's radical ideas and his intent to bring down our beloved America ! 
The guy isn't dumb.  He's old, and he's very Republican, and he is definitely racist, but he isn't stupid. 

...I realize the last part of that sentence is a little self-contradictory.  IN ANY CASE we can assume he was already aware of the meaning of the word "post."

As with previous racist family emails, ... well hell, what DO you do? In that case, before, I wrote a revoltingly preachy and way-too-long response including my disgust, objection, and love.

It went over pretty well!

Here's how I deal with it a year and a half later. 
(we call my grandfather Grandpere. GM/Grandmary is my grandmother)

oh, Grandpere.

Come on.
Don't make me send you records and articles about the Bush family's Saudi oil interests and the "true" causes behind the Gulf and Iraqi Wars.  My side has idiot propagandists too.

Lots and lots of love to you and GM.  We had a wonderful time in Portland over the weekend.
Talk to you soon,
your flaming liberal namesake

Unwritten PS:

creative process

30 seconds' worth of thoughts:
This veggie mu shu I made is so so damn good. 

Maybe I should do a cooking-blog component to my blog.

I could start with blogging about this mu shu.

Except I just ate all of it. 

So, no. 



Shopping for mannequins online (for PUPPETS, people, for PUPPETS) ... will make you feel like a pervypervPERRRV.

Example 1:

Very Good! Used 14 Year Child Mannequin with rod and basic wooden platform (not shown). Please click on Details/Pricing. 1 Available **Buy 2 or more used items and receive a 10% discount!**   
Display Item

EW EW EW she's supposed to be 14 and I'm looking at her NAKED.

Example 2:

Brand new full size, fiberglass made, Flesh tone colored female mannequin. Detailed face make-ups and gorgeous looking. Consisting 5 major parts. easy to set up and put the clothing on. Heavy duty temper glass base and calf support rod (stand for the mannequin) are included. the arms can move up and down only, not bendable.

Flesh tone.
Am I prude for getting the willies from "face make-ups and gorgeous looking"?   I'm imagining this ebay seller breathing too heavily to construct sentences.  FACE. (ragged breath)  MAKEUPs.  (ragged breath) FIVE MAJOR PARTS.

Example 3:

Female Torso, Mid-Size



How I Spent My Long Weekend

Long weekend in Oregon with the in-laws.  
On Friday, Brandon and his mother and I went to a sushi restaurant and smashed maki into our faceholes with great joy.
I've never been to this kind of sushi place before, where you take it off the track.  Then again, I would like sushi if it were just slid over to me on the floor in a cardboard box.  Edgy.

We piled up our finished plates like three gorged, proud cats depositing mouse remains at their owners' front doors.

Later we drove around, admiring the early spring, the beautiful trees and majestic Mount Hood.

Brandon: Mt. Hood.
Me: It's so beautiful.
Brandon's mom: Yeah.     Lot of frozen dead people up there.


jaw on desk

(this morning.  Lacy, Brandon at respective computers. There is coffee.)

Me: Geez. Everybody is really losing their minds over this OK Go video.

Brandon: mmhm.

Me: are all your friends, like, losing their minds over it too?

Brandon: yeah.  Maybe they should stop losing their minds.

Me: 'you guys, quit losing your minds'

Brandon: 'Yeah, quit losing your minds already!'

Me: have you seen it?

Brandon: uh uh. You?

Me: nah.



file under: the false assumption that my consumer activity actually matters

AMAZINGLY unflattering but actual photo of me closing my one account with Bank of America.


Holy crap, I actually look toothless

ps, thanks for the bonus points gift certificates that I've used for makeup and rental cars, BofA, and you're welcome for zero interest paid to you evvvaah!!!!

Yeah, I bet they're really sorry to see me go.

But I closed it!  Using a smaller bank now!  You should do it too!