jaw on desk

(this morning.  Lacy, Brandon at respective computers. There is coffee.)

Me: Geez. Everybody is really losing their minds over this OK Go video.

Brandon: mmhm.

Me: are all your friends, like, losing their minds over it too?

Brandon: yeah.  Maybe they should stop losing their minds.

Me: 'you guys, quit losing your minds'

Brandon: 'Yeah, quit losing your minds already!'

Me: have you seen it?

Brandon: uh uh. You?

Me: nah.



nora said...

Okay, I'm in! I wouldn't have watched it without your nudge.
I loved every bit of it!

Lacy said...

Oh good Nora! There's another one too featuring the Notre Dame marching band... I bet you'd love that one too!

akbw said...

Dude. Lacy. Dude.

It took them 60 TIMES to get it right.


And the whole thing, IS TIMED WITH THE MUSIC! So much so that those spoons turns around at just the right time to play those notes when the music cuts out. I know you know how friggin' hard that must have been.

I also know you've been convinced, but just in case you needed a little more convincing.


DinaBear said...

YES. ILOVEIT. ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT. In a magical way, it made me feel like a kid again, kind of like when I saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure for the first time or something.

andy said...

If this is the sort of thing that blows your hair back, you might also go to youtube and search for pythagoras switch.