unbelievably stupid thoughts I actually catch myself having:

Oh my gosh, everyone booked a pilot this season except for me.  How embarrassing.

oh Lacy.
you moron.

For the record, in the past week, in reverse order, I :
  • Set up 3 shoots for 2 projects for the coming week
  • Directed a Barrel of Monkeys show that went over FREAKING GANGBUSTERS
  • Had a power meeting with a friend who wants me to direct his show
  • Had a superexciting idea for my next project
  • Had a callback for a pilot
  • Was invited to create an environmental theater role for decent money with a company I love
  • Did a great show Monday night
  • Did a great show Sunday afternoon
  • Performed in a really real live rock concert as part of a staging of a Frank Zappa concept album
  • Performed a show I wrote, created, designed and built for a very appreciative audience
  • Was asked to write another piece to develop the first one into a full evening of theater
  • Was way too damn busy to blog. 

(slap) (slap)


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nora said...

I always forget to savor the cool things that happen - I'm working on appreciating that I do have going on. I've spent every waking moment for the last month helping my mom get ready to move and have missed doing a lot of things including a big-deal writing assignment. I was having a little pity party for myself the other night when I had to remind myself - I HAVE AN AWESOME LIFE!
So I'm glad you're reminding yourself. Because YOU HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE!