fight! fight! fight!

I knew all these auditions with their impending rejection and judgment were making me feel all anti-establishment and slightly nihilistic.

And I was on the red line headed to ANOTHER DAMN AUDITION, when I looked up and realized that there was a wall-to-wall, train-to-train freaking BRAWL erupting on the entirety of the Southbound Belmont platform.  And I watched these kids dart, sprint, shove, punch, dive and slap and I realized another word that suits me just fine today:


ohhhhhh it feels so good.  punchpunchpunchpunch.
oh sweet illusion of power through violence.

Ooooh girl.  I'm gonna pour a cocktail and watch this whole thing.  You BEAT that Cuban commie, Sugar Ray.  I'm gonna watch you do it.

Hi, thanks for seeing me! My name is Lacy and I've prepared two contrasting monologues not to exceed 3 minutes; one is classical and the other is MY FISTS


Alex said...

F*** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy said...

Every audition should start with a 2 minute boxing-style staredown.

nora said...

My ringside season tickets to the Golden Gloves matches are the best sixty dollars I spend each year.