Kiss me, I'm gentile.

I stopped posting for a little bit because a cousin made several comments about the narcissism of blogging in general and I was convinced they were directed to ME IN PARTICULAR.
So in order to stop acting so self-absorbed, yes, I took the most self-absorbed possible view of the situation and acted accordingly. Welcome to my vortex of ego.


I had a hard time with Easter this year, which was always a big holiday growing up. New dresses, new hats, huge family get together, huge quantity of candy, hugely improbable places where we kept finding rogue Easter grass strands for weeks following.

So now that I don't really subscribe to Christianity, I feel like a fraud trying to celebrate a holiday that I can't truly claim to observe.
me: it would just be me celebrating Easter for the sake of Easter, not because I actually believe in its origin and meaning.

Brandon: But that happens to every single holiday. What about St. Patrick's Day?

me: okay, well THAT's different. That's not a religious holiday at all. That's just about drinking and nationalistic feelings, and---

Brandon: and it started off as...?

See how he got me???
He GOT me.

So I guess I'm Christian for Easter like everyone else is Irish for St. Patrick's day. I officially broke down today and bought a chocolate cross. All Easter candy 50% off?! What a deal!

I'd make a crack about it representing half the salvation, but if you look on the back there are actually TWO servings of chocolate in this cross, and I gobbled up both. So I technically got the full dosage. of meaning, easter, or Easter. Who knows.


joyofem said...

Next year, you're more than welcome to watch zombie movies with me and my folk on Easter. Maybe there will be lamb cake.

Jeremy said...

Nice to see you back, narcissist lady. Us psychic vampires were growing a little famished.

pink-haired valkyrie said...

don't stop blogging. EVER.