This happens far too often for my own comfort.

I will be out shopping, see something and think:
This is adorable! This is sexy! This is great! This is totally the style I love that I want to emulate! ... This is designed by Jessica Simpson.


Sarah said...

Ewwww....kinda creepy and disturbing. I would never have imagined that Lacy universe could possibly overlap with Jessica Simpson universe, brave of you to confess to it.

Mary said...

Lacy. I need to come clean. I went to see Beowulf vs. Grendel with Jackie months ago and when I was going on about how awesome I thought it was, Jackie told me I should read your blog. So I did. And I love it.

And THIS of all posts is leading me to comment.

Sister- I have been there.

In fact, I was right there about 5 times in DSW last week. "Oh wow...those sandals are so fun! Kind of intense for my usual style but maybe I should kick it up a notch!" Lemme just see here what these are here...probably Mootsies Tootsies or God forbid Softspots...OH MY SWEET WORD....Jessica Simpson! And then it happened four more times.

Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront.

Lacy said...

I hopped over to your amazing blog and want you to know that 1., this voluntourism thing, wow, you are my hero, and 2., brandon and I are going to Laos and Cambodia this summer! Can we chat? We're planning to volunteer at Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang but we'd love other ways to get involved too. And i'd love to hear your general recommendations! Email me at lacykatherine at the gmail.