more wins!

Today needs no boxing videos, GOOD SIRS, for today I was not soundly rejected. 

In fact, I was lovingly selected (you may use the standard industry term "booked," but I'm going to go with "lovingly selected") for a national campaign and beat out all y'all punk actors on both coasts! BOOM! What's up NYC? Y'all ain't got what I got! In your face, actors of San Fran!

I win a trip to San Francisco, one tv commercial for a major cellular network provider, and a much-needed boost of confidence!   Huzzah, bitches. Huzzah. I smack my booty in your general direction.


mother's day

Strange success, but: I started therapy this past week, y'all.

That's actually a huge success for this girl, who, last time she attempted therapy (at a free clinic through college) was told that she had "some really major issues to work through... more than we can really handle here." The time before that? Therapy involved drugs and hospitalization. 

So I found a guy and started on a good journey.  He was an actor for a while, too.  How's that for luck? I can tell him why my career makes me nutty too. He'll get it.

First dubious success: writing that letter-you-never-send to your mother the day before mother's day. it's a total Therapy For Beginners exercise, but dammit, that shit works.  Sometimes the most remedial assignments are the hardest.