Alexander Technique? More like Alexander TechNOPE.

For the first time in my life, I qualified for the SAG deluxe insurance plan.  

You have to earn a certain amount within one calendar year to qualify.  Holy moly, I finally earned enough.  I WIN.  I WIN ...an insurance plan I don't need since we're covered far more reliably by Brandon's work.

But! I did think it was worth pointing out a few interesting tidbits about the Screen Actors Guild health insurance plan.  For example: right off the bat, they want you to know not to try any of your newfangled voodoo newage bullshit hijinks.

And check out the last sentence in this one:

No Feldenkreis. No Rolfing. In short, most of my BFA acting curriculum is not eligible for coverage (even if Emerson College had been in-network). 

It's not a terrible plan, though.  Robert Downey, Jr. and I were both pleased to discover that the mental health and chemical dependency coverage is quite generous.

Presumably sober actors in therapy don't try to file claims for the don't-even-ask plastic surgeries listed on pages 34 - 47.

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