boss bossa

My cousins are getting married tomorrow and invited all the guests to be the wedding band.

So I said hey Brandon.  You wanna play sax and I'll sing this song?

So we got our cousin (who is an amazing professional musician) to play that and another bossa nova standard with us.  I stressed it all week. Finally Brandon said*: you are not allowed to be insecure about your voice this weekend.  Being insecure is not going to help you.  It will not make you sound better or have more fun.  So no more. 

Last night I made dinner and we had FOR REALS BAND PRACTICE.  I was a singer at a FOR REALS BAND PRACTICE.  Guitar, sax, vocals.  And it sounded just lovely.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  I wish we could have just gone all night. I can't wait for tomorrow.

*after I asked him for the 37th time if he would tell me if I sounded terrible


Alex said...

You got it, girl!!!

I've spent the last two weeks of rehearsal wondering if I even SOUND GOOD when I sing my big son gin this children's musical!! It's so fast and high in my voice and I am essentially running laps for my choreography that I was sure i wasn't getting any notes because it was a train wreck. But after I freaked out enough to go jogging for 3 miles a day around my neighborhood singing in order to find tiny places to breathe, that I realized I was toooooooo worried about how I sounded and not having any fun that I found my way (-ish) into the song!

Do it gurl! You got it!!!

Halena said...

I can official vouch that this sounded GREAT. I was the one who got married so I am right.