further perils of a life of acting (for you, Chloe)

As if poverty, instability, egomania and liver damage weren't enough:

ASPEN, Colo. — Attorneys for Charlie Sheen have approached a Colorado nonprofit theater about having the actor do public service work as part of a plea deal in his domestic violence case, the theater's artistic director said Friday.
...now you're dumping abusive husbands off on us????

Or at least buy a season subscription first! GAWD!

And YOU KNOW he's going to hit on the interns. Pun not intended.

And of course this would be the show that you're like: oh geez, I just don't know that I'm comfortable doing all this stage combat opposite Charlie freaking Sheen, but I really could use the gig.  (pause) and it's a good part. (pause) well, it would get a ton of publicity. (pause) OMG PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE LET ME GET IT
Sheen's duties, if the deal is approved, would include teaching a class and helping with Theatre Aspen's three summer shows, Paige Price said.
Make the fucker do prop design.  HAHAHA.

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Jeremy said...

The Producers 2

Premise: a judge with dreams of making it in this crazy town casts a vanity production of Guys and Dolls entirely with celebrity actors forced to do public service work. The Robert Downey Jr. archetype is a stellar Skye Masterson, although the Lindsay Lohan type manages to muck up Adelaide something fierce (played for comedy, as the Judge is cast as Nathan Detroit.) Tom Sizemore ends the show with a rip-roaring rendition of "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat" so powerful he actually joins the Salvation Army for reals.