good work if you can get it

Not too long before he died, I was with my grandfather in his backyard.  We saw my grandmother walking out from the house to come talk to us, and he looked at me and said with uncharacteristic gravity:   Lacy, I want to tell you something. I love your grandmother more every single day.  And I don't mean every week or every year. I'm telling you, every single day my love for her grows.
By the look on his face and the tone of his voice, he seemed overwhelmed by it, like he didn't know how to explain it to me or to himself. 

I got married in that backyard. Two years ago today, actually.

So two years ago, our marriage became the most important thing in my life. Officially demoted: money, friends, auditions, weight obsessions and high-profile theater projects. My first priority and my #1 Job In Life became: love. 
My job is love.
The way to do my job well is to love more every single day.

Not that I'm always successful at it, but if my perpetual goal is to love as much as I can and then love even more, surely that's a good way to live.
Congratulations to my cousins getting married this month, next month, this fall.  Your job is love.  Work hard.


Larissa said...

Please learn to embroider and then stitch this into the fabric of the universe.

Great post.

thea said...

I wussed out and teared up at this. YEAH.

not undecided said...

Lovely. It ain't always easy to stay in LIKE, that's for sure...and I kind of hate when I realize that it does take actual work-work...but it's so worth it. The love part is easy! (With good examples like parents/grandparents, anyway!) Happy Anniversary!

Schmutzie said...

This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!

Genevra said...

Beautiful post, Lacy. ;)

nora said...

I love this, seriously. Putting love first on your list.

nora said...

I love this, seriously. Putting love first on your list.