This week's paychecks

Theater Work.
Thirty hours of rehearsal, 4 or 5 documentaries watched outside of rehearsal, additional research about play context.  Commuting time: 12 hours, commuting costs (via public trans) around $25 - 27. Emotional wear and tear as we discuss war atrocities, rape and genocide.

On-Camera Work.
9 hours of actual physical presence, 1 hour of fully catered gourmet lunch (including but not limited to steak, seafood as well as vegetarian options, 3 kinds of salads and 4 kinds of cakes), various snacks and beverages throughout the day.  Hang out and chat with friends.  Read an entire (very good!) novel.  Drove to/from set (20 - 25 minutes each way) with validated parking.

So, tell me again why working in commercials compromises my integrity as an actor? 

*this is sort of glamorizing it. That's gross; after taxes and agent's commission it's down to 651. But STILL.

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