Transcontinental feline indignation.

Will this make you laugh endlessly as it does me? Oh, who knows.

I mentioned to my Argentinian pen pal, whom I FREAKING ADORE, that yesterday was Bowie's birthday.  Well - it's the day we brought him home from the pound.  We observe this holiday by kissing him slightly more than usual and feeding him many treats from the "Catty Shack" carton that my cousin nobly contributed when she house/cat-sat for us while we were traipsing through SE Asia (I still srsly owe you, hks). 

Gabriela sent this from Buenos Aires from her cats, Kathy and Joy:

This is the most openly hostile birthday wish I have ever seen in my life.

DIOS MIO how it cracks my shit UP. 


Sarah said...

The link (or embedded video, I imagine), doesn't work for me. Boo. I was hoping for some good feline humor this Friday...

Lacy said...

oh no! try again, sarah! I moved the files around.