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The building behind us in this picture is being looted.  The one (not shown) across the street is on fire.

I have no idea how this family is, since there is no Internet or cell phone service right now.

Egypt was the first non-Western country I ever set foot in.  And by that I mean the first poor one.

Yes, I have been in impoverished places in America.  Yes, I have been in all-windows-boarded-up and random-things-on-fire stretches of the South side of Chicago, sketchy as hell areas of New Orleans, public schools where kids have to bring their own toilet paper to bathrooms that seem to never get cleaned.

It. Is not. The same. As an entire city of people who don't get enough to eat.

The more I learn about the world beyond the US, the more I feel it was insanely, insanely unfair and lucky for me to have been born here and to have never known anything else.  Unfair in a way that I feel I owe at least some portion of my life to others who weren't.

By the way, this excellent article here mentions a man being beaten in the alley beside Hardee's.  You know, Hardee's.  The one in the photo in my previous post.


Ashley said...

You're right, it's not the same. And when you have a connection to a place, it's heart-breaking to feel as though you can't help when it's needed most. I hope you know that putting a personality, a face, a story to the "masses" there helps. Awareness and connection is crucial to get most people involved.

Evie said...

"Long time listener, first time caller" here to say that it rules to read your words again!

Lacy said...

Thanks, Ashley, and Evie, you MADE MY DAY. For reals.

Susan said...

Lacy, why don't I have your email address? Or remember your last name? I just joined facebook and would love to find you and keep in ever-so-slightly-closer touch. I'm Susan Munroe...susanmunroe@gmail.com

And about that unfair/lucky thing. I feel you. I hope you can make contact with your family in Egypt soon.